Wedding wardrobe armoire dated 1870 from Quimper in Brittany richly carved

A magnificent wedding cabinet dated 1870 in its fronton originating in Quimper. This wardrobe, richly carved, opens on the facade by 2 carved doors. The rich ornamentation is typical of the cabinets of the Bigouden Country. The details of the panels highlight the famous birds of Quimper or Glazics, or even phoenix, symbols of resurrection and life. These birds also resemble peacocks, solar symbols of resurrection, these fan-tailed birds are also symbols of love. Besides, in the fittings that decorate the cabinet, we also find the religious motifs of the crucifix but also of the heart in the chalice. Other recurring motifs are in abundance, such as religious ornamentation with monstrances and candlesticks. Numerous other ornamental motifs such as foliage, flowers, foliage and rosettes, recall the ornamentation of the Bigouden country. The nails are also typical of this region. All this symbolism of birds and flowers recalls the influence exercised by India perhaps, since Lorient, at that time was the port of the India Company. The cornice of the cupboard is serrated and entire which is quite rare for the cabinets of Quimper. The cabinet is also beautiful and very harmonious. The sides of the cabinet are broken, which is a sign of both quality and antiquity. Very beautiful color and patina of the red oak. Very good condition.

Price : 4500 €

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