Wardrobe Wedding Normande Oak Blond Vintage 18th Century

wardrobe in light oak, antique eighteenth century, richly carved and molded. This wedding wardrobe opens in front by two doors richly carved with traditional ornamentation of Norman wedding wardrobe that bride received as a gift to his marriage scrolls half shells, foliage and floral decoration. The part called "dormant" is also carved with foliage and flowers, shaped garland down on the top rail of the cabinet, continuing in two other garlands of daisies, leaves, acanthus leaves and roses. The cabinet doors are made of four parts cannelées.et chantournées.Les corners of each door has an exuberant ornamentation of roses in relief and jump, acanthus leaves the top of the doors is slightly sloping. The doors are ornamented original fittings, finely crafted and carved floral motifs. The cabinet has its original key. The top rail of the cabinet is carved with a rich basket of flowers, wedding cabinet symbol in the center of the pediment. From either side of the basket are linked in the form of garlands of the half shells, foliage and flowers. The amounts of the cabinet are pnneautés which is a sign of both quality and seniority. The cabinet is topped its original cornice richly molded. The interior of the cabinet has a shelf oak. It may well also be equipped differently. Beautiful patina and color of blond oak.

Width : 160 Height : 238 Depth : 61

Price : 4900 €

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