Victorian solid mahogany what-not dum waiter

What-not" or "whatnot", in French, a "mute servant", in massive mahogany, with very curved and turbulent shapes, rococo-style. This servant has several shelves or shelves or trays with edges also curved. The servant has a triangular shape in his base, for the reason that they were often placed in corner of room. It rests on ball feet again called "bun feet". A rear center column is the backbone of the cabinet. The top of each column is adorned with "tops". The anterior columns, of very pronounced curved form, are in the form of volutes, richly carved and molded, in the form of volutes. The servant or what-not has a total of 4 shelves or shelves. These what-not or dressers were often placed in a corner of the room, in a corner of the living room to rationalize the space and served to store, display and put the trinkets safe from accidents. Sometimes also called " Dum waiter " :" servant idiot, "this sort of open library or servant dresser takes its name from its function replacing the role of a servant or a servant. This piece of furniture, supposed to replace the human servant, consisted of a central column supporting 2 or 3 trays of decreasing size starting from the bottom. Before the start of the meal, the staff put all the dishes on these trays before disappearing. This servant here is of Victorian age. What-not offers a richly sculpted pediment decorated with scrolls, shells, arabesque motifs, as many motifs recalling the style rockery or Rococo. A piece of furniture that is easy to place, aesthetic and very functional. Very good condition.

Price : 1200 €

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