Small Console Transition Dresser 4 Drawers Marquetry Floral Decor

Small chest inlaid with floral decoration, Transition style, Napoleon III. This elegant dresser opens in front by 4 drawers. Inlaid flowers and foliage. rosewood veneer, rosewood, exotic colored wood. The sides of the drawers are inlaid in form called "butterfly wing". Convenient rests on 4 feet elegantly curved ending falls and hooves gilded bronze. Handles pulling in gilded bronze. The dresser is wearing a pink breach of Aleppo. Good condition.

Width : 40 Height : 72 Depth : 28

Price : 780 €

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Antiquités Robine - Antiquaire en Bretagne : achat, vente de meubles anglais et français à Saint-Quay-Portrieux dans les Côtes d'Armor (France) | | BSC Concept