Rectangular Coffee Table In China From Laque Music Scene Of Characters

rectangular coffee table Chinese lacquer with inlaid decoration of pearl and ivory figures of patterns evolving on landscape background. Early twentieth century This coffee table is called system because it has four folding legs and glass plate for protecting the plate remarkable work. The Chinese are putting seated most of the time to take their meals. The labor board is outstanding, decorated in relief of soapstone The lacquer furniture were popular Chinese : indeed, the lacquered furniture is mostly found in the palaces, temples, and the homes of the powerful. The technique for making this coffee table is the "luo-tien," in which the furniture is inlaid mother of pearl. The rich decorations depicting scenes of life and landscapes and traditional ancient China. Wood and lacquer are masterfully combined with the sculpted stone that brings an incomparable depth to each character made of stones of different colors entirely hand-carved Chinese were fond of pearl inlaid furniture or carved. Besides pearl and enamel, is also found jade inlaid with bright colors, ivory, horn, agate, amber and various precious stones. The beautiful patterns on the coffee table depicting scenes where campaigns are present figures, birds, flowers and stylized leaves. The plate is decorated women playing music, one playing the pipa, which is the instrument to traditional Chinese plucked strings that could be compared to the Western lute ; Meanwhile another flutters her fan, another plays the flute on the right side of the tray, the decoration being planted in an exotic garden : palm trees, vases, certainly within a palace, the floor is strewn with gold. The costumes are equally impressive by their turquoise, bronze, red or colors imitation silk. The table is richly inlaid with mother of pearl, stone and jade jadeite. Wood painted black. Excellent condition. A beautiful table to incorporate a romantic and exotic charm of interior

Length : 91,5 Width : 50,5 Height : 46

Price : 1525 €

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