Pair Of Mirrors In Golden Wood Louis XV Style Carved Richly

Exceptional pair of mirrors in gilded wood, period XIXth Century, louis XV style. The mirrors are curved and slightly curved. Mirrors are offered and dispatched vertically but can also be fixed horizontally, as shown on one of the pictures. These mirrors are in the purest Louis XV style : rich ornamentation of shells, foliage and flowers, interlacing, Volutes, acanthus leaves, roses, as many motifs dear to the Louis XV style and which will influence the whole period known as "rockery". The mirrors are richly molded and carved : they feature several relief moldings. Friezes with motifs of foliage, pearls and roses that emphasize the entire perimeter of the mirrors. The mirrors are composed of parts called "cartouches" : some of them are carved and carved with geometric patterns in the form of crosses. The curves of the mirrors are of a discreet elegance. The mirrors are in very good condition. Each mirror can be sold separately. The price indicated is the one of the pair but if you wish to acquire only one, do not hesitate to contact us. Origin : Val de loire

Width : 67 Height : 102

Price : 2800 €

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