Marquetry Commode In Style Transition Louis 15 Floral Design

French marquetry chest of drawers, Commode inlaid Louis XV style, with floral decoration. Vintage late nineteenth century. This chest opens in front by 2 drawers without crosses apparent, which is a sign of quality. Shaped curved front and sides, the dresser is decorated with flowers and foliage ; Also, the base and edges are inlaid floral decorations in the shape of butterfly wing. Elegance ornamental bronzes with their original patina, as well as pull handles and bronze ornaments of the dresser apron. The sides are also inlaid with leaves in the center. The dresser is wearing a pink royal breach of Aleppo which combines beautifully with the colors of the wood used in marquetry : rosewood, rosewood, exotic woods. The dresser is based on an elegant base curved ending with bronze hooves. very harmonious proportions. Good condition. Price:1525 € Period:19th century Condition : Très bon état

Length : 98 Height : 80 Depth : 44

Price : 1525 €

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