French wedding armoire from Normandy

This is a truly magnificent example of a French wedding armoire from the region of Normandy and more precisely Pays de Caux. These types of armoires are very known for their beauty, quality and are always very valuable. This wonderful provincial armoire is hand carved. This is a wedding armoire which means that according to the French tradition, the piece was ordered by a father when her daughter was bron.. and then it is offered for her wedding as a gift. This is an excellent example of old-world craftsmanship at its absolute finest. This armoire is made of solid oak. The 2 doors are extremely richly carved and paneled. There are some oval medallions on each door. The shape itself of the doors is really impressive at the bottom as well as the shapely apron of the wardrobe. What is really impressive and typical of the wedding Normandy armoires is the protruding basket of flowers and foliage in the center middle section of the cornice top. The hinges are also impressive, even in their shape, quite unusual ! The armoire has its original escutcheons and original key. The armoire stands on richly carved cabriolet legs. There are also elegant friezes of pearls running round the edge of each door which give this armoire a royal finish to it. The colour of the armoire is a rich golden oak. The interior of the armoire has one large shelf with a hanging area but we can add some shelves if required. This armoire is in excellent condition and would be the unique piece of entertainment center of your home.

Dimensions : 148 cm wide by 52 cm deep and 230 cm high.

Price : 4250 €

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