French longcase clock Grandfather Clock Parquet De Du Poitou Late 18th Century Clock

Grandfather Clock Grandfather signed Jacques Martin PoitiersHorloge The grandfather clock is pine and oak period late eighteenth century. The movement is richly carved and sculpted two palm leaves, cornucopias : the cornucopia stands for inexhaustible source of benefits, symbol of abundance, wealth and food as they are packed with fruits and flowers. A victorious rooster, symbol of power, stands proud on a ball : we know the symbol. We also know that it is near the eagle that Napoleon had substituted the cock under the Empire. It is surrounded by foliage and palm leaves, symbols of victory The periphery of the movement is ornamented with two friezes in geometric patterns, with each angle an embossed daisy pattern. The cornice of the clock is curved. The grandfather clock is in perfect condition, it strikes the hour and half hour. Its tone is very pleasant. The clock has its original key and its balance and its weight.

Width : 47 Height : 226 Depth : 23

Price : 1200 €

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