Child Miniature Medallion Oval Royal Louis-joseph-xavier De France

Miniature silk, Medallion in its oval frame gilded and carved wood representing the portrait of the child Louis-Joseph-Xavier de France, Duke of Burgundy, in ceremonial dress. Died at the age of 9, this royal child was often painted, including Jean-Martial Fredou. Here, the child is represented in the typical garb of the 1760s : pink frock with charms sleeves ; curly hair tied with a black bow at the back, and especially the wide blue ribbon worn in a sling, the order of the Holy Spirit. It is thanks to this tape also we can say that it is the child of Burgundy Duke, as only Son of France could carry him from their baptism. The medallion is in a gilt wood frame and carved with acanthus leaves in its pediment and scrolls on the periphery of frieze-like frame. Felt a velvet-garnet red color comes garnish inside the frame that contrasts so well with the golden color of the frame itself. The regalia of the royal child also includes the badge, the Cross of the Order of the Holy Spirit who for two centuries the most prestigious order of chivalry of the monarchy. The portrait is portrayed in a romantic style.

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