Bench Safe Hearth In Eighteenth Vintage Carved Oak Country Of Cornwall

Blanket chest, also called "hearth bench" because very often placed near the fireplace, solid oak. This chest bench is richly carved, molded and ornamented. A native of Cornwall ern South Brittany, this chest bench is a seat that was his chosen spot on the hearth. The file is ornate spindles of upper galleries, all complete and 3 small central galleries ; another lower gallery of time, which is as complete, concludes this geometric ornamentation. The pediment of the record is curved shape, carved foliage, scrolls and acanthus leaves and a wide shell in the middle. On each side of the record depart carved swans and remain in the curved lines of the trunk bench. Two squares in the folder are carved motifs of stylized daisies. A sort of garland swirls, rinceux and reverse shell unfolds in the lower part of the seat. The two curved armrests and scukptés geometric patterns are sputenus by two columns in forms big time. The front part of the boot itself is also very richly carved same grounds with geometric decoration : Built stylized daisies in squares, diamonds, gémotiques friezes of foliage scrolls, time gallery, typical of the Country of Cornwall. The bottom rail of the front trunk bench uses the same motif of acanthus leaves, scrolls and Central daisy. The amounts of the seat front are also in a geometric pattern that is reminiscent of the Celtic tradition. The trunk is solid oak bench, worked in the sickle in the back ; wooden pegs carved by hand. original patina. Beautiful proportions

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