The "amateur" will enjoy the department of the "paintings" where he will discover a large selection of oils on canvas, oils on boards, English or French Schools, watercolour, seascapes, landscapes, Still-life, prints, engravings, original paintings, portraits or medallions.

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Painting oil on Canvas seascape English School

Painting, Oil on Canvas, Seascape. English School. XIX th century. This oil on canvas (...)

Price : 1150 €

Painting, oil on board, Romantic period, Portrait of a lady with a hat

Painting, Oil on board, French School dating from the Romantic period. This oil on board is (...)

Price : 1830 €

Painting, Oil on board, Seascape, Dutch School

Painting, Oil on Board, Seascape. Dutch School. This painting is signed on the right side. The (...)

Price : 1525 €

Large painting, Oil on canvas, Romantic scene

A large painting, oil on Canvas, representing a couple of children, the young girl knitting and (...)

Price : 2290 €

1.Watercolor Painting Signed Ml Gouttenoir Romantic Landscape

Picture, painting, watercolor, signed lower right ML Gouttenoir. This watercolor shows a (...)

Price : 1525 €

Child Miniature Medallion Oval Royal Louis-joseph-xavier De France

Miniature silk, Medallion in its oval frame gilded and carved wood representing the portrait of (...)

Price : 280 €

Painting Oil On Wood "monk Taste Wine Or Liqueur or cognac"

"Painting Oil On Wood "monk Taste Wine Or Liqueur"" Painting, Oil on wood, on Panel, depicting (...)

Price : 1830 €

Watercolor Painting Back From Fishing Port De St Tropez Signed Zarou

"Watercolor Painting Back From Fishing Port De St Tropez Signed Zarou" Picture, painting, (...)

Price : 850 €

Engraving Color "portrait Of Woman" Portrait Rose "by Hubert-denis Etcheverry

Engraving Color "portrait Of Woman" Portrait Rose "by Hubert-denis Etcheverry" Painting, (...)

Price : 750 €


Oil on wood panel of the House of Adam, Angers. Signed on the lower left. Excellent (...)

Price : 750 €

Painting Lithograph signed B. Gantner

Painting Lithograph signed B. Gantner. This painting represents a winter landscape. It has its (...)

Price : 760 €

Painting, Watercolour, Seascape signed Rogers

Painting, Watercolour, Seascape signed Rogers. This painting is in pastel colours. English (...)

Price : 1200 €

Seascape, French School, Ship in the port signed Josso

Painting, French School, signed Josso. This painting is representing a seascape. The painting (...)

Price : 600 €

French Painting watercolour 18 th century Portrait of a lady

Painting, Watercolour, French School, 18 th century. This watercolour represents the portrait (...)

Price : 1525 €

A large coloured engraving entitled "Ships of the general steam of navigation"

A large coloured engraving entitled "Ships of the general steam navigation Company". English (...)

Price : 1540 €


English watercolour of a landscape with church signed on the lower right "Borton". Dated 1907. (...)

Price : 590 €

Original Romantic period French drawing

Original drawing signed on the middle left. Excellent condition

Price : 680 €

Set of 4 prints by G. Sereyns reprsenting Fruit

A beautiful and very decorative set of 4 prints etchings by G. Sereyns represnting fruit, (...)

Price : 150 € chaque

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